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In May 2021, Ronee graduated from Ithaca College with a BFA in Acting and distinction within her department.


10th Annual Wheels for Women Cabaraet

As co-president of this organization providing support to victims of abuse in India, Ronee led an incredible team of students in producing a successful online fundraiser. Over $15,000 were raised, the most in all Wheels for Women’s years. Acts 1 and 2 can be viewed here.


Praise for She Kills Monsters at Ithaca College

“As Agnes, Ronee Goldman brought forward a swirl of yearning, confusion, and wry common-sense...Goldman and Dickey were poignant in the simplicity and sincerity they brought...”
-Ross Harstaad at

Praise for The Fan at Cherry Arts 

“Another standout in this well-executed ensemble piece: Giannina, whose irritation and sense of injustice are likewise richly played.”

-Barbara Adams at

“...Sassy spinning girl named Giannina ..with a spotlight stealing performance by Ronee Goldman.”

-Natasha Ashley, Broadway World Central New York

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